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  Deploying BIRT
Subject:   BIRT is wenfeng li's gimmick
Date:   2006-09-13 21:04:14
From:   lawsuit
To understand BIRT, you have to understand wenfeng li who named himself PMC lead of BIRT and the drive behind him.

Wenfeng li came to Actuate a few years ago and brought a huge lawsuit from his former employer. Then he acted crazily:

He proposed to recruit people from China after grabbing a lot of his old friends around him...

His multi million lawsuit partly forced Actuate to layoff several times...

Lately he start touting BIRT. The truth is that he has very limited knowledge and experience on Java technology and he doesn't understand too much about Actuate product as well.

The only way he can do is to tout himself and add version number to praise himself...

Please draw your own conclusion after getting to know more...