Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Newbie comp users CAN learn OS X
Date:   2002-08-04 12:06:23
From:   cyradisbc
I'd like to respond to some of the few that weren't, that invoke the "clueless AOL" user type.

My sister picked out her first computer with my help at Christmas. (Think "clueless AOL user" squared.) She now has a spiffy G4 tower that I want to steal. She asked about OS X, and my advice to her was that since she didn't know that much about OS 9, she might as well take the plunge into OS X, because there was no point in getting a better understanding of 9. Just USING the comptuer for extended amounts of time was new to her.

She's gotten a handle on it VERY quickly. It's only crashed once, and she was able to fix it with her copy of OS X for dummies.

As far as what home users want-there's no reason why new users won't be using OS X. Basic apps are all there (I'd think they'd want to start shipping AppleWorks with comps again if they can, since Office costs so much) when you install, that out-of-the-box easiness a lot of new macintosh users want is there. Making this this shipping OS was one of the smartest things Apple has done.

My sister to date loves her Macintosh, and has converted her fiancee, who converted just through using her new tower. It works well for her, despite her lack of knowledge--while the primary attraction for switching to OS X is geekiness right now, there's also the desire on the part of new users to just learn one system. This is currently part of what's hurting Apple, but will eventually take off because new computers ship with OS X installed.

I think the average user will be more at home in OS X than most of us think. The trick then becomes proving that.