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Subject:   help??
Date:   2006-09-15 10:49:48
From:   shanno1313
Here is my problem, I use the external battery pack for my shuffle and I put in new batteries.. it plays for 10 songs or so then starts blinking saying no power... Now.. if I shut it off then restart it will go back to the same song it started with before, then it just keeps doing the same thing. Why?? Is there anything I can do to fix this??

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  1. help??
    2008-11-17 11:10:30  shuffleluvr [View]

  2. help??
    2006-11-03 17:27:49  KoKkO [View]

    • help??
      2008-11-17 11:11:22  shuffleluvr [View]

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