Confessions of a Recovering NetBSD Zealot
Subject:   Please Fork.
Date:   2006-09-16 13:55:40
From:   hubertf
Response to: Please Fork.

Yeah, right:

Do you know what you're asking for? Forking means maintaining the whole codebase on your own, even if you pull in most/all technical changes from NetBSD. You'll still have to maintain competence across all areas of your operating systems, inside the kernel and outside. You will have to answer lots of questions, will have to provide lots of documentation and so on.

From my PoV there's not enough spare manpower out there to waste it in such a pointless event.

Instead, I'm inviting everyone interested in changing NetBSD to contribute, which makes the most change without introducing redundancy.

- Hubert
(not wearing any NetBSD hat, just wielding
my stick of common sense :)

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