An Introduction to Tiger Terminal
Subject:   a tiny help.I am confussed
Date:   2006-09-17 19:04:49
From:   norburym
Response to: a tiny help.I am confussed

To install nano:
The latest is nano-1.2.5.tar.gz
Type the following in terminal:
$tar xzf nano-1.2.5.tar.gz
$cd nano-1.2.5/
#stuff comes out here
$sudo make install
#more stuff
The executable is installed into /usr/local/bin/nano and man pages will be in /usr/local/man
If you don't have /usr/local/bin in your search path, you'll have to add it or use the full path name when calling up nano.

To answer your other questions:
if your computer had pre-Tiger installed and you did an upgrade/archive install instead of a full clean install then you most likely didn't get nano (you probably don't have bash as the default shell, either).
I suspect that you have some localization issues here: from your name, I think you are Danish but your avatar looks like you are currently in Chile...?
If you have some localization settings at play, you may want to look at your Terminal - Window Setttings - Display - character set encoding. Mine is set to Unicode UTF-8.
Xterm runs under X11 (i.e. an X window application) so you may be running X11 and launching xterm rather than terminal.
Hope some of these hints help!
Cheers, Mary