Confessions of a Recovering NetBSD Zealot
Subject:   OpenBSD
Date:   2006-09-18 05:32:53
From:   rsidd

At that time in NetBSD's history, Chris G. Demetriou was playing the role of alpha male, and I wasn't even given a choice.

Actually, the whole email exchange of the time is still available online, for those who want it. There are several mails from Charles Hannum, during the discussion of how to restore Theo's commit privileges, where he not only agrees with the core of the time but takes a much harder line (and a much more pompous tone) than Chris. (eg, "What you got was a set of questions from Chris,
that I, among others, have been waiting to see answered. Your reluctance to answer them is not a step in the right direction...")

Water under the bridge I know, but somehow I can't believe C. Hannum. Theo may have a nasty reputation but some of Charles' recent mails on the netbsd-users list were the vilest vitriol I've ever seen, and completely content-free besides.