Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Hardware, Hardware, and then Hardware...
Date:   2002-08-04 20:43:44
From:   jriskin
I think we are we forgetting a few things

1. Millions of users cannot run OS X on their current hardware.
2. For millions of users it would be so painfully slow if they even tried.
3. For millions of people there is no benifit.

OS X on a 266Mhz iMac is painful. OS X will NOT run on pre-G3 hardware. There are probably millions of 604e and 603e based machines out there running various verson of os7-9 who are happily running there checkbook balancing software, email software and some light browsing just fine.

I run OS X on my desktop and OS9 on my G4 laptop. I like them both, but innovation is not necessarily everyones primary goal, advocation of an OS isn't for everyone, some people just want to USE there computers and not worry about it. Many Mac users bought there machines for just that reason, they didn't want to get caught up in the upgrade crazy PC world where if you don't upgrade ever year none of your hardware is supported.

So I for one am not surprised at the adoption rate of OS X, nor do I think it should happen at any other rate! I think that during the natural course of its development that at each stage users will get on board as they finally find that they would like to have new features and they will probably buy new hardware. This way they wouldn't even need to pay to upgrade, it comes with the new computers.

I think pussyfooting around is the right thing to do for most users.

Apple can go ahead and try and force innovation, it makes more sense for the bottom line, but it doesn't make sense for the users.

Too bad it doesn't make economic sense to ever finish a piece of software.