A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   drm and video files
Date:   2006-09-18 12:25:31
From:   MichaelRedTurtle
I found my way here in my attempt to find out how to un-encrypt drm files. I have downloaded some videos from a P2P (i'll be fair and not mention which one), which, when I try to play them, I am led to a website if I want to play them...saying that I have to pay a fee to acquire a license to play them.

These files are all video files, I believe all of them are using WMV file extensions. Some are national releases, some are "amateur" releases. And, as I have hinted at, these files are adult content.

What i am in for then, I guess, is to find otu if there is a way to de-ecnrypt these files that I obtained through a P2P (after all, what is the point of using a P2P if I have to pay anyway?

Thank you in advance.