Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop
Subject:   Comment and Question
Date:   2006-09-19 09:36:23
From:   tward
Hi, I have a comment first that I believe is correct, if you follow the steps outlined above each time a new Kernel update is issued you will have to at least recreate the boot.img file is that right? Just something people should know since Ubuntu kernel updates are pretty frequent.

My question: I have a Dell D810 laptop and have been using Ubuntu for over a year and am pretty happy. BUT I have never been able to use GRUB as my bootloader (I use LILO). What happens (and it happend in Breezy and in Dapper) is GRUB works fine until after I have booted into windows, once I do that, GRUB is toast. It either freezes the system or continually reboots the system when GRUB tries to load. Any ideas what this problem is?

I guess one other thing to be aware of is with my LILO boot loader the FAT partition was not mountable in windows (because it was always marked inactive) until I added the flag: "activate" to my lilo.conf for the fat partition when booting windows. Setting the partition active with parted didn't work as it would be reset upon reboot. Don't know if there might be similar issues with GRUB.

Ted Ward

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