10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Learn from C#/.Net as they did from java
Date:   2002-08-05 02:01:53
From:   joostdev
I suspect Sun would abhor the idea alone of looking at C#/.Net to get inspiration for some changes. But the reality is that MS copied java and improved precisely on these kind things. I think its time Sun should do the reverse and look at C#/.Net. Because; like it or not, they are the competition!
My suggestions:
1 one should be able to invoke a method on a basic datatype and it should be wrapped by an object under the hood. cf. C#
2 one should be able to define ones own basic datatypes for high performance computing (i.e. 'value objects' in C#)
3 java should support some kind of versioning at the platform level. (cf assemblies in .Net)
4 java should have some notion of components. (idem)

It's time for a bit of renewal now the advantage java had has been taken over by the copy/improve action that is C#/.Net

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  1. Learn from C#/.Net as they did from java
    2002-08-06 01:39:41  ianfairman [View]

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