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  Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Mail.app not grown up yet.
Date:   2002-08-05 06:10:48
From:   seiz
> Mail.app: This is probably the real reason that Microsoft is ticked off;
> Mail.app in Jaguar is better than Entourage. It's more stable, has much better
> junk mail filters, and it integrates with Apple's online services.

Hi Derrick,

enjoyed reading your comments about jaguar, but what you said about mail.app doesn't seem correct (depending on what you want from a mail-client).

First let me assure you, I'd be the first to switch from Entourage to Mail.app if it really would be better. Heck I'd even have switched to Mulberry (surely the best imap client arround) if it had a decent GUI.

What I think keeps me from switching to mail.app are some bare-bones features which it is lacking (already filed to bugreporter long ago) which I can't understand how apple could overlook them.

1) Everybody has multiple Email Accounts nowadays. Mail.app supports multiple Accounts, but is *can't tie a ddefault signature to an account*, so I end up having to manually select a signature depending on the account I use for sendin. Quite a showstopper for me!

2) In days of IMAP (which even .Mac supports), the *INBOX* isn't anymore the only pplace to look for new emails. Mails often get filtered on the Mail-Server already and are already filed into various IMAP-Folders on the Server. Mail.app doesn't account for it. When you setup a Schedule to check for new mail Every XX Minutes, all it's doing is checking your INBOX. So you end up having to click on other FOLDERS manually to get Maik.app to check for new messages in these folders as well. Quite timeconsuming.
This LACK has even gor worse with the Jaguar Release of Mail.app since they implemented the GREAT (ooohhh) Idea of grouping ALL INBOXES of ALL your Accounts together. Again, most of my new mail doesn't arrive in my INBOX (I might be a special case here) and I am sure lot's of other people use email in a similar way nowadays.

These are my biggest show stoppers (I also got Jaguar already during WWDC).

Then there are minor issues lot's of people have difficulties with - as for instance when looking at your Mail in Listview, not to be able to identify if a message has an attachment or not. With mail.app, you can only guess if an email has an attachment (in listview) by guessing it by filesize.
Viewing attachemts (as PDF or Quicktime) inline is nice, but some people are not clever enough to realize, that to extract such an attachment is a matter of DRAG-AND-DROP. This is a nice example of how a FEATURE can be implemented *too easy for the masses*...

I'll stop now, as you're really not responsible for mail.app after all, I just had to comment on your statement that Mail.app is a Killer Feature of Jaguar because in my Opinion, Mail.app isn't yet a grown up email client to be used in day to day heavy email-usage.

Oh, and I would have really appreciated if apple spent more time with "Speed Issues" insead of deveoping yet another instant messenger client or alike gimmicks (allthough I understand they needed something to demo randezvous) ;-)


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