Smalltalk for Everyone Else
Subject:   Its a lot to get used to
Date:   2006-09-24 19:28:30
From:   tlaurenzo1
Having recently tried to get started with Squeak, I can say that it is hard for someone used to text editors, interpreters, and compilers to get used to the typical Smalltalk environment such as Squeak.

I get Smalltalk the language, but I don't get Squeak (which from what I understand is fairly typical as a Smalltalk environment). It'd be nice if there was some kind of guide like "Squeak and Smalltalk for those addicted to their text editors and command prompts." From some comments I see around, I think that I am not the only one with this mental block.

Good article nonetheless.

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  1. Its a lot to get used to
    2007-01-25 20:09:04  jacaetevha [View]

  2. ...but it shouldn't be.
    2006-10-02 06:28:50  cbmanica [View]

  3. Re: Its a lot to get used to
    2006-09-28 10:49:44  whartung [View]

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