Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Pls. help
Date:   2006-09-26 13:00:59
From:   gaos
I was able to reach the part where Mac Screen appears with an animation as if it is preparing to install but then a new screen will appear prompting me to restart my pc which I did but when my pc restarted, it did not continue the installation. I have always love to have a Mac but I cant afford it thats why when I saw that you can run mac on pc, I immediately DL the files needed. Hope you cal help me. Thanks

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  1. Pls. help
    2006-10-02 20:08:05  Gamemansnow [View]

    • Looping on the starting step!
      2006-10-25 08:50:13  MIGARY [View]

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