Disabling USB Storage With Group Policy
Subject:   Why do people focus on USB drives only?
Date:   2006-09-27 07:53:26
From:   John@FE
I continually see articles touting the evils of USB drives. From a data loss / malicious code introduction vector, how exactly are they different than:
a) parallel ports open for ZIP drives?
b) CD-Rom drives (malicious code ingress)
c) CD-Burners (data leakage)
d) Floppies
e) Web sites that allow posting from within corporate boundaries, like this forum (data leakage)
f) Inbound and outbound e-mail
g) Employees that copy data to their laptops, take them home, and can copy data off them there onto their home networks.
h) Printers (data leakage) - do you really monitor the paper your employees take off site?
i) opening the shell of a PC and taking the hard disk home
j) iPods/PDAs/Digital Cameras, all with storage
k) probably a hundred other vectors

Once one has taken care of all those vectors, it might be worth worrying about USB drives.