Taming the Entourage Database
Subject:   entourage database at 3.99
Date:   2006-09-28 09:55:16
From:   dmcfeet
Hi. So, I seem to have a combination of the problems below and am a little panicked.

I had a lot of mail in my deleted folder and started deleting it (1000s of messages). Then yesterday I got an error and realized I probably needed to compact the DB.

So I tried the typical rebuild, but it never progressed. I did the advanced and it made it all the way through, however the new DB is over 4MB. when I try to launch it says the DB is over 4Mb (it is) and I should compact it via typical rebuild.

The typical rebuild seems to stall at several points and then finishes up, but when I restart entourage I get the same DB is too big error.

Can I upgrate myself out of this problem?