Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Why many mac users...not all OS 9 old fashioned
Date:   2002-08-05 07:55:08
From:   ethanbrand
Response to: Why many mac users are relectant to switch

>>It's amazing how many users here consider the OS9-stayers as old-fashioned people, but we really have just no other choice to stay at 9.

I don't believe *all* OS 9'ers are old-fashioned. Many have legitimate reasons for staying where they are. But there is also a crowd that refuses to go for many just plain stubborn reasons. Those are the old-fashioned ones.

Yet, there is a bottom line to be considered. This post thread mentioned people who don't have the time to switch because their work demand won't allow it. Do you think that will ever change? So why not do as Derrick suggests and get just one workstation up and running for everyone to tinker with? Those who wait until they are forced to switch, and everyone will at some point if they are to stay Mac, are going to be put in a tough situation. One test workstation could help alleviate the pains of a forced transition.

As the nails go into the OS 9 coffin, everyone has to realize that they will one day have to switch. You can do it cold turkey in the middle of an important project (hard), or you can do it over time, figuring out the nuances of what you need to do along the way (easy). The choice is yours.