The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   PowerBook 1400Cs/166 wireless issues
Date:   2006-09-30 11:31:56
From:   LloydC
Thanks for an informative, and for those of us on a budget, highly useful article. I've installed the ORiNOCO 7.2 drivers, the Dell TruMobile 1150 card, and the control panel shows signal strength when I take the 'Book to a hot spot (no home wireless yet). But, I can't go on-line. Neither Eudora, WannaBe nor iCab 3.0 will work. I get error messages - "connection lost unexpectedly," "incompatible firmware," and so on. After multiple restarts, tweaking everything I could think of (AppleTalk, Ethernet, TCI/IP, Remote Access, energy-saver settings, etc.) and trying two hot spots, still no luck. If anyone has suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
P.S. I'm running OS 9.1 with 64 MB RAM, and prior to insterting the Dell card, I could connect via modem card without trouble.

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  1. PowerBook 1400Cs/166 wireless issues
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