Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV
Subject:   Problems with 10.4.8
Date:   2006-10-03 02:10:34
From:   colymore
I set up apache2,subversion and several other goodies using Darwinports. I was able to create a svn repository and see it from other machines using the server's IP address (Used Digest authentication type).
I also created a folder (with proper permissions again) to use with WebDAV for iCal calendar sharing. This way my http.conf file ends like this:
# Define iCal access
DAVLockDB /opt/local/apache2/davlocks/DavLock
<Location /webdav/>
DAV on
AuthType Digest
AuthName "iCal"
AuthUserFile "/opt/local/apache2/davlocks/user.passwd"
<LimitExcept GET OPTIONS>
require user cef

When I try to connect using Finder->connect to server I get the following error: You cannot connect to this server because it cannot be found on the network.
It does pass the authetication (wrong password error does pop-up when I try a wrong one) - Is it something I have to define in the virtual hosts section?

I would appreciate your help on this as Darwinports is moving to macports and they took all their help pages offline this week...