The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 3
Subject:   Merchant Account Alternative for Low-Cost E-Business Start-Up
Date:   2006-10-03 19:54:24
From:   Terrance_E.Smith
Response to:

You have a product and must accept credit cards to sell online, but who wants to spend a fortune on upfront costs. As noted in a recent PC Magazine article, "Even if you can get a merchant account, you may not want one for a startup because of the fixed costs. The alternative is to contract with a third party to sell your products using their merchant account."

A Third-Party Payment processor is the merchant account alternative to big upfront costs. is designed for you, the small business owner. Avoid the problems with other merchant account alternatives, which led us to develop No bandwith restriction or payment delays. Our service is straight forward and simple with sterling customer service. We don't make money off of you, we make money WITH you. Low start up fee, no hidden, monthly or annual fees. We succeed through your success. We will help market your product, provide a shopping cart to match your site and deal with processing payments. Our dealing with the financial end leaves you free to sell and ship your product.

Let us help you! At, your success IS our business.