Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Low adoption of OSX
Date:   2002-08-05 09:27:25
From:   roland3

Hi. There are two main reasons for this slow adoption and I suffer under both. First not everyone is ready to run out and buy a new machine and I for one will not buy a new Mac until the G-5s arrive. I have an 8600 that is infinitely upgradable now that Sonnet is back in the upgrade business after a 3 year hiatus.
Second reason is tha all of the Hardware makers turned their back on OSX. I'm still waiting for Canon to release a driver for my 1220 Cano Scan Scanner, ( 2 years so far) I sill can't use "the best of the MacWorld 2000" my 3DFX video card, nor can I use anything else that predates OSX. This is the real reason. I for one didn't have the time or the Hard Drive space to load OS 9 and besides I wanted the features of OSX. Thank God for the OWC Unsupported Hardware site or I would not even be using OSX. As it was it took me 4 months to accept Sonnets solution as unworkable and to find X-Facto. Now that I'm up and running I'm worried about Jaguar. The fact that I 'm using only 4 Mb of video ram while my 64 MB video card sits on the shelf collecting dust, and don't say buy a new one for there are no decent ones out there with PCI and OSX drivers. Other wise I'll be set to go with 1 Gig of ram and a 800 Mhz. CPU.