Hack:   Build Your Own Firefox Search Engine
Subject:   need help
Date:   2006-10-05 00:14:36
From:   Fraenker
hello, to use a search plugin in my intranet, i need help, the url of the searchengine, when search a user in the phonebook have an other assembly. To search for the name Mike Miller, the URL is the following:!__Mike Miller

the problem ist, the user gived only the name Mike Miller in the textbox, but between the input name string1 and the searchstring Mike Miller musst the constant value Name__!__

how can i do this???

The following is false:
description="Suche nach Personen im IVE"
<input name="actionID" value="suche">
<input name="string1" user="">

-> Miller
her is the constant Name__!__ missed and the search is false.

how can i solve my problem