Scaling Dynamic Websites with Apache Modules
Subject:   Same experience
Date:   2006-10-11 06:47:31
I had a website running on a P4, 2,4 Ghz, 1GB ram with 200 lightweight apache and 30 mod_perl apache, serving 20.000 users with 10 GB data per day.
The lightweight apache worked as proxy and had only to serve static content (images , stylesheets ) while the mod_perl apache was running HTML::Mason and building each page out of the database. The max. load was about 1.5 (with full number of apache) and below 0.5 most of the time. A diagramm showing this over an 24 hour period can be seen at

The ratio from frontend/backend apache with 200/30
came was mad by trying a bit and by the fact, that 30 fat + 200 slim + 30 db connections was enough for 1 GB ram. Although I didn't make any performance tuning with Mason, the system was fast enough without optimizing it.

Rolf Schaufelberger