Bean-Managed Transaction Suspension in J2EE
Subject:   Point?
Date:   2006-10-12 01:59:06
From:   toddiuszho
Response to: Point?

I am using POJO Entities that coordinate with JPA and UserTransaction for ORM. On top of that, I want POJO DAOs that emulate CMT.

I do not want EJBs. I do not need to remote my objects. I do not want to write tons of interfaces and classes for every DAO. No thanks.

My POJO DAOs will use my own custom Annotations that emulate javax.ejb.TransactionAttribute. Using Spring and AspectJ and advice in this article, I now have an idea of how to write my advice blocks.

And THAT is the point. I don't want to sacrifice the ease of declarative transaction demarcation just because my software needs do not justify the heavyness of the rest of EJBs.