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Subject:   need vertical split
Date:   2006-10-12 16:33:21
From:   shortstop
I want a GUI-based text editor that allows me to do a vertical split. Lots of them do horizontal split but none do vertical split. I want to be able to look at source in one file, and edit the same file in another spot.

BBEdit almost does this, they have that synchro-scroll thing, but you can't have 2 views of the same file.

JEdit does vertical split, but doesn't have a C-Language function popup that I could find. If it does have one, it is not documented well enough for me to figure out how to use it.

Smultron and XCode only do horizontal splits. TextMate doesn't split at all AFAICT.

Does anyone know of anything with a vertical split and a C-language function popup support?

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    • need vertical split
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