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Subject:   Cannot start the Daemons in Bacula..
Date:   2006-10-16 11:37:58
From:   vr76413
Hello guys...

Trying bacula for the forst time on REdhat box, and installed everthing , incl SQLite.

now when i go to /usr/local/bacula/bin directory and issue command ./bacula start, it says

[root@localhost bin]# ./bacula start
Starting the Bacula Storage daemon
Starting the Bacula File daemon
Starting the Bacula Director daemon

but when i check
[root@localhost bin]# ps -auwx |grep bacula root 4538 0.0 0.0 3676 664 pts/2 S 14:36 0:00 grep bacula

nothing is running...

any help is appreciated..

ps : haven't changed any configuration files. Left them with default values.


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  1. Cannot start the Daemons in Bacula..
    2006-10-16 11:42:48  danlangille [View]

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