Smalltalk for Everyone Else
Subject:   never too late for smalltalk
Date:   2006-10-22 11:52:13
From:   SecondTry

My comment (lengthy) appears to have gotten lost by the server, so I'll try to re-frame my thoughts.

Smalltalk was strong because it abstracted away the OS, leading to pure OO and VMs. However, to do this, it used a framework based around image files rather than text source files. Many Smalltalkers don't use vi/emacs regularly anymore, and can't relate to the lost productivity they're asking other people to suffer through if migrating to Smalltalk. It's simply unacceptable, in my view, to drop your toolkit, unless there's a good reason. Granted, versions like GNU Smalltalk are file based.

However, Smalltalk has tremendous strengths. Despite what the UML-Java gurus tell you about OO, chances are that none of them has worked in a real OO environment. To see the poetry in motion, you have to consider looking at something like Smalltalk. There are also a variety of new languages like Ruby and PHP5 which offer more in the way of pure OO than Java does.