10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   I agree with *almost* everything
Date:   2002-08-06 09:01:15
From:   st0rm
Except I think that we need Java to be a bit more scalable and Swing should be replaced with a portable SWT. However, I don't think all the I/O APIs should be changed. There are a lot of useful Stream classes. There needs to be a better way to allow the old I/O API to work with the new I/O API.

I wholeheartedly disagree with #5. XML sucks. It's a fad. The current Properties serialization is perfect. Most of the stuff you're talking about is just key-value pairs. We don't need XML for it; it carries a lot of extra baggage.

I 100% agree with the JDBC comment.

I have one practical matter that needs to be discussed, in respect to Java Web Start. The JRE currently is NINE MEGABYTES. I'm on cable, but many people are on 56k connections, and are unwilling to download that. I propose two solutions. First, the JRE install could be a few kilobytes and download the packages from mirrors, like Cygwin does. If we don't do that, we could have it download packages on-demand, that is, only download the classes we need for a particular application and cache them. In this way, their first download isn't too big, and subsequent ones will get smaller and smaller.

My 2 cents.