Disabling USB Storage With Group Policy
Subject:   disable usb storage device
Date:   2006-10-23 18:34:52
From:   csh@rp
Response to: disable usb storage device

As already mentioned this will only work on new USB devices.
You can however create a gpo to set permisions on the usbstor.pnf + use the gpo to create the usbstor reg key, in the gpo you deny a group access to the key and the file.

Setting permissions on the usbstor.pnf will take care of any new devices.

The reg key will overwrite the existing key.
The dword start located in "hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\usbstor\" will not exist so the user will not be able to use the device and will not have permissions to change the key either.


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