Weblog:   Why Scripting Languages Matter
Subject:   Hit and Miss
Date:   2006-10-27 13:27:02
From:   steven1983
I work as a programmer for Jaduka. Much of what we do is web related, or at least has a web interface that triggers the underlying process. Therefore, I say home run on the fact that scripting languages are the way to go. We recently moved from developing almost everything in C and Java, to PHP and Python. We are now able to produce new products in way less than half the time we used to spend, as well as update existing products in a matter of minutes with little to no traffic impact. I also agree that realizing the program is some what of a dynamic process as you are coding, however, you still need to plan any project that you undertake. Though scripting languages make my life so much easier, if I didn't plan, I'd be spending all my time fixing stuff, as I watched it break again and again. So all I can say is, great article, Hit and Miss!