10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   How about multiple jvm shared core api
Date:   2002-08-06 10:46:58
From:   bobd
One thing that I think could defintely be helpful is having the core api shared in memory across vm's running on the system. Or maybe even a way to place different jar files in a path that allows them to be shared in memory accross vm's. I hate the fact that when I am devloping in Netbeans and running and debugging in Tomcat, JBoss or what ever that the core classes need to be loaded in each vm. It's memory bloat that does not really need to be there and is another thing that effects the viability of Java on the desktop. If you need a few hundred meg to run 2 or three apps thats a problem. Perhaps there should be what amounts to a System level classloader for all of the vm's for a particular version that they share in common. Yet provide the functionality of chained classloaders to the individual vms so they can load different versions of third party api's that they need. This concept has been proven in the web-app world where each app has it's own classloader yet share the core through the classloader for the app server.

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