Introducing mod_security
Subject:   mod_security2 and SecRule
Date:   2006-10-31 08:45:33
From:   monicat
Any body know how to get SecRule to work with mod_security2.c ? I kept on getting this error message when I start my apache-2.2.3 server:
[truong@gendev-lnx 2.2.3]$ ./restart
Syntax error on line 41 of /home/truong/apache/2.2.3/conf/hole/mod_security2.conf:
Internal Error: Failed to add rule to the ruleset.
httpd not running, trying to start

And here is line 41 of my mod_security.conf file:
39 # Turn on Rule Engine
40 SecRuleEngine On
41 SecRule REQUEST_URI dirty

Is there something I have to turn on (e.g SecFilterEngine On) ?

Thanks for your help.

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    2006-10-31 08:55:03  Ivan Ristic | O'Reilly Author [View]

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