Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google
Subject:   Good overview
Date:   2006-11-01 16:18:48
From:   vergil66
I just completed the process of migrating to Google-based services. It pained me to finally let go of my email address, but overall I am happy with GMail and friends. Though it wasn't a requirement to have most of my stuff in one place, Google has a nice suite of tools that worked well for me.
Because it use a Mac at home and have to endure the Dell at where I work, the web solution seemed to be less time consuming, thus making me a tad more productive (instead of trying to find the work-arounds and Mac-Windoze compatabilities and the other time eatters).
About the only thing that will be annoyingly time and mind consuming is the addressbook transfer...which you address in this article and I hope will work fine. Until then, I'm just adding folk as I write to them using GMail.
Thanks for the timely piece.

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  1. Good overview
    2006-11-01 16:30:51  vergil66 [View]

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