Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   Responding to the Criticism
Date:   2002-08-06 12:05:44
From:   clvrmnky
Response to: Responding to the Criticism

From what I can tell from the various opinions I've surveyed, the majority of users do not balk at paying *something* for Jaguar. If I had paid for OS X 10.1 a year ago, you'd get no complaints from me.

I work in the enterprise software industry. If we demanded *any* kind of upgrade cost from a customer who had moved from a competing product within the first year, they would draw and quarter us. We wouldn't be able to hire Tech Support people fast enough to keep up with the body count.

There is an unwritten rule in software business that suggests that new customers get special treatment. I was a bit surprised Apple wanted anything for 10.2 from me, and that somehow those useless "coupons" would be used.

That being said, I am willing (and eager! Quartz Extreme! Woo-hoo!) to pay something, but I would have expected some kind of discount.

The fact is I bought it, and a new G4 system, not more than 4 months ago. No discount. No "thanks for switching". No nothing. Oh yes, and your "free" iTools account is now $100. Thanks for switching.

Additionally, Apple sells product world-wide. Not all the same price advantages are available to other nations. This means that the cost of Jaguar is $199 in Canada, with no education discount (that I can find). Well, at least $199 is less than $129US converted to Canadian dollars (today). Good luck getting Amazon, et al, to honour rebates from any other country than the US.

So, basically, I have one choice: full price from Apple.

As I said to Apple: "come on guys, throw me a bone here".

All that Apple is going to do is create bad feeling, and punish the honest for paying full price. A number of people who are usually honest will just find ways to create their own discounts for Jaguar.