Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google
Subject:   Sticking with .Mac for now
Date:   2006-11-03 08:39:51
From:   simdude

I've also thought about switching but for me, Google just won't work yet. Here's why I think .Mac is a better choice (for me):

IMAP Mail. This is a big one. To be able to have the same mailboxes on my desktop and web is huge. I often use a laptop and sometimes don't have internet access. I like having all the same mail in both places. I keep software registrations etc. in my mail too so setting up a new machine is easier. Then, when I'm back on the net, everything is synced. <\p>

Better Syncing. It seems the article contends you don't need syncing with everything on the web. Well, again, true if you have an internet connection. But that can go out. Plus, I want a sync with my Treo 650 and iPod. All this works flawlessly with .Mac and Missing Sync.<\p>

Email aliases. You can have up to five active at once and all come to the same inbox. Getting too much spam? turn one off or make a new one. As a side note, .Mac DOES have server-side spam filtering. I find it works about as well as yahoo's but not as good as Googles. here a link to the Apple doc:

Anyway, for me .Mac is the best choice right now. I think there should be a better price point for renewing or a lower price point for .Mac iLife combos (actually, there's a $20 discount for iLife now, but that's for 06. A little late guys.<\p>

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