Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google
Subject:   What about back from Google?
Date:   2006-11-03 16:55:02
From:   33Nick
Really good article. I have been thinking about it as spending $100 for a .Mac acct doesn't seem worth it.

I loved when you touched the trusting issue on everyone's mind. However, I want to bring another one. Google has been the darling of the IT world for a while but they are growing and they have to answer to investor, they are getting bigger... get the picture? One day they might be the next monopoly. Looks familiar? Think way back to when Microsoft was a babe and worked with its clients, etc.

I see Google ending up like Microsoft at one point so my question is, how do you back up from Google into your computer easily. I hope I didn't miss that point in your article or through my search.