Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Actually a practical idea by Apple!
Date:   2006-11-11 23:35:41
From:   jcsjcs
Actually, using a non-standard A/V cable was a practical idea by Apple. It allows you to use ordinary headphones or an ordinary audio cable to connect the iPod to your stereo. Let's look at details:

The standard stereo/headphone plug has three contacts (from the tip):

right (white), left (red), GND.

The standard A/V cable plug has four contacts (again from the plug's tip):

right (white), video (yellow), GND, left (red).

Apple's A/V cable is

right (white), left (red), GND, video (yellow),

which makes much more sense as the first three contacts are compatable with standard headphones or a standard audio cable.

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  1. Actually a practical idea by Apple!
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