Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   finding frameworks
Date:   2002-08-07 08:28:06
From:   psheldon
I had a happy victory over intense confusion. I put FScript.framework in home/library/ but project builder couldn't find it. After getting terrified that I would have to navigate gobs of fundamental hypertext, my brain jumped tracks to the files window wherein were frameworks. How did they get there? Could I put them there? I dragged the folder FScript.framework to the frameworks in files window and project builder was able to find the framework.

Then, I had to leave my macintosh to get ready for an appointment. When I came back to my mac, I was ready to experiment and finished reading the article in the remainder of the evening.

The first experiment that I did was to make a FSWindowController class inheriting from NSWindowController with the method expt for experiment. Interface builder had a DoIt button and that was connected to the single WindowController action expt.

Then, I saw the article prescribing writing in, to what had been for me sacrosanct, main.m.

The second of two lines of code puzzled me for awhile :
[button setTarget:printDate];
[button setAction:@selector(value:)];
and then I let them go to read on with a guilty feeling.

Then, I looked back for something else and realized that Block had a method value. I started to get something fundamental emerge from my initial puzzlement and uneasy guilt---"An object is not a procedure!" Sounds dumb now, but the fundamental can, in hindsight, be obvious. That is why it is beautiful.