Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   Eg.2, passing and retrieving
Date:   2002-08-07 08:59:44
From:   psheldon
FScript source :
a at:a location = 'CHICAGO' & (a capacity >=

I think it is proper to see F-Script as a meaning underneath F-Script source syntax and cocoa source syntax.

So, I believe, this translates into obj c-code:
[a at: [a location]='CHICAGO" & [a capacity] >= 200]

It is hard for me to imagine a boolean an argument of a method at: . I try to imagine.

Does this mean return a if true and nil if not true?

Does application of a script to an array get its definition as on each element from Cocoa frameworks or FScriptFramework? My bet would be the method value: has, from the pdf file on F-Script, a great syntactic generality given meaning by F-Script.

I am starting to get an intense confusion about what it means to build a framework, way above my level or perhaps something fundamental and, in hindsight obvious and wonderful.

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