Sync Services Framework (How It Works and What You Can Do)
Subject:   Address Book and iCal examples
Date:   2006-11-22 09:39:48
From:   jaharmi
Response to: Address Book and iCal examples

Thanks for the reply and I'll look forward to an update in the Leopard timeframe.

However, I didn't get much out of this article beyond what was already provided in the first page of the developer overview on the ADC site.

Couple that with the way the Address Book and iCal examples don't seem to have anything to do with Sync Services at all, it looks like the article is just an explanation of Missing Sync, a third party product. Frankly, I'd lost interest by that pont.

I'm not trying to be harsh but I am looking for more information than Apple provides publicly. I'm particularly interested how system administrators and end users can work with and troubleshoot Sync Services. That means that an architectural diagram would be useful, and so would some info on file locations, backups, how you can rollback (if you can) in a disaster, etc.