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Subject:   ipod cock up connector
Date:   2006-11-25 11:00:32
From:   stevie_g
i have an ipod 5g the connectors are (1st letter = plug 2nd letter = socket on tv) R=Y W=W Y=R
cuz if u toutch the tip of the plug u may hear a hum on the tv (turn the tv vol up if stereo then hum on LEFT channel, if hum on RIGHT channel nthen red and yellow connectors are wrong wat round) hope this helps many people with this cable

the spiderman ost works very well to define left and right (switch foot - meant to live) song starts LLL RR RRR LL. to test the bass box you may well have go into your p2p software (not kazaa coz it sux) and search 'Worlds Deepest Bass'