Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   F-Script Anywhere and "Gift Economy"
Date:   2002-08-07 13:23:27
From:   psheldon
"Brief History of the Future" by John Naughton spoke of a paradyme shift that the internet brought that business hasn't yet caught onto when the internet got commercialized, the so called "Gift Economy". The old paradyme dogmatists haven't learned this from the noncommercial internet "geeks", but rather imagine they are going to teach the "geeks" their old trick on how to turn a profit.

The way I understood it "geeks" openly share their programming savvy and get famous to insure the market competes for them rather than that they compete for the market.

Newton personal digital assistant also used a scripting language. There was an app called ViewFrame on it that let me look inside other app's that were running. There was also a reverse compiler off in Germany somewhere long ago. A scripting language, as I vaguely recall someone writing, has a one to one correspondence between insides of programs and what I can see on the outside as a user.

The glory of a program becomes not what I can own by secrecy but rather in my being necessary to teach understanding of the savvy I have gotten by developing the concepts of that program. Where once the employer owned intellectual property, now those who create intellectual property can own themselves as an indespensible resource.

With such open source, the world might well progress beyond being mere buyers and sellers to that mysterious force called relationship...

You once again remind me of a hero of mine, Steve Weyer.