Smalltalk for Everyone Else
Subject:   The Pragmatic Programmer
Date:   2006-11-28 21:53:45
From:   jeberle
Good article. I used Smalltalk/V back in the day against OS/2 PM. Went screaming back to Microsoft C in order to get anything useful done. Tried Squeak recently to investigate Croquet. I agree w/ other comments that an "environment" in the face of bash/zsh + Vim/Emacs is a serious liability. Just today I had this simple question answered. Can Smalltalk do this? Not really. Sad, because it is an amazing language.

$ time ruby -e 'puts 2 ** 64'

real 0m0.045s
user 0m0.010s
sys 0m0.009s

Note, on OS X, you can get this answer out of the box.

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