Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Perl Scripts
Date:   2006-11-29 09:39:26
From:   tcomputerchip
Response to: Perl Scripts

you are probably using hard coded things that wont work on the mac. Things like "C:\windows\notepad.exe" would not work on OSX, but more specific you may have a problem with the slashes and carriage returns. When comming from windows, text files have a CT LF (Ctrl+Line Feed) OSX uses many forms of this, if you open the file with vi or pico, you would see something like ^M (this means that the OS can't read the meta character in that location, but the meta character is still in the file.) You can do a simple perl script on the Mac that searches for the meta character and replaces it with the proper "OSX" carriage returns.