Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications
Subject:   example parameters and result
Date:   2002-08-07 15:32:56
From:   psheldon
"@class Airplane;" kept compiler from complaining class was not defined, but got warning :
cannot find class (factory) method (you only get those warnings the first build after a clean).

Added :
#import <FScript/Airplane.h>

and then there were no complaints after a clean.

This "@ construct" works good in headers where there are no method calls but produces innocuous, yet slightly confusing, warnings in .m files where the methods are called. Target code is produced that works, there are just warnings.

It seems, though, that when I program in the future I will get a whole lot of warnings and errors and, the more I know how to eliminate, the more I will be able to ferrit out the ones that count!

So, I am happy to have cleaned out the warnings. This shows that all my work in following columns is paying off in my losing my confusions.

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    2002-08-09 10:16:23  pmougin [View]

    • thank you, the use of warnings
      2002-08-10 08:40:18  psheldon [View]

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