Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   HAH you have no clue..
Date:   2002-08-08 01:28:08
From:   timmyers
Response to: HAH you have no clue..

From this users standpoint OS X is great, a MASSIVE improvement on OS9, frankly from a user perspective OS 9 is a pretty poor UI. OS 9 is creaking at the seams it's old, primitive in it's internal structure and abilities, it's reached the end of the road and Apple knew it would never cope with the future requirements of an OS, tried to rewrite it (remember the Copeland project?) and failed. OSX was the ONLY way that Apple was going to survive and Jobs knew it.

One thing you are right about is that apart from the application toolbar appearing at the top of the screen there is very little traditionally 'mac like' about OSX and I guess that's hard for some people.

Your 'ressurections' aren't going to happen, the installed user base will upgrade to OSX either as the software and or the hardware demands it and OS9 will become just a memory. In the end the OS9 users will be the 20%....or less.