Building Interactive iPod Experiences
Subject:   where are the ipod templates for other apple tools!
Date:   2006-12-05 16:42:55
From:   zahadum
1) it would be nice other tools could be configured with a template for ipod!

while xcode is obviously overkill, iWeb should have an 'ipod' template! ... certainly Automator & Applescript Studio & the WidgetMaker should be kitted up for this so that the ipod content can be integrated into workflow. (even BBEdit would suffice if it had a template!)

2) quicktime pro should have a better assembly mode (doesnt need to be full-on imovie) to support simple templates like ipod interactive ....

but more generally, the better question is why the full quicktime environment isnt running on the ipod! .... i cant access any of the other tracks or controls of a .MOV container!