Building Interactive iPod Experiences
Subject:   Interactive French Video Quizzes
Date:   2006-12-08 04:47:00
From:   DavidSeume
I hope this is regarded as a 'real world' application: The school in which I work has a remit to share 'home-grown' teaching and learning resources. I had previously used some footage of native foreign language speakers to produce web-based interactive quizzes (82 of them). I recently began exploring the potential of the Video iPod and have now produces a set of four quizzes based on some of the original clips and sets of multiple choice questions.

For the full story, visit:

However, the use of in excess of sixty hyperlinked 'notes' has thrown up an issue to which I do not have a solution - yet!

There seems to be some sort of cache within the iPod. During testing, after I have completed one of my quizzes (and in so doing, clicked on one of several available hyperlinks on each page), if I then choose to do the same test again, the iPod 'remembers' which links I clicked and has them already selected, which doesn't make for much of a challenge! Even if I complete a different quiz, when I return to the previous ones, my answers are still selected!

Is there any way to overcome this issue?