Subject:   Nano-marketing is really born !
Date:   2006-12-08 10:07:01
From:   Revgi
Web 2.0 allows the emergence of a new phenomun which I am calling nano-marketing coming directly from the proliferation of nano-publishing tools (blog, flux RSS, Ajax, tag etc…). Have a look in my blog about it

Marketing is completely reshuffled, the enterprise too and all of this because the individual can express himself and put in resonence with the web.

This is a fascinating period: we are not substituting anything with these new free energies and these new tools. For me we are just adding a new layer of complexity with which we have to deal... d’aggregating individuel contents that can be isolated or even diverging. The time when one person could be traited in one piece, in one homogeneous bloc is over… really have a look to what I am observing that’s happening !