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Subject:   problem fixed
Date:   2006-12-10 08:55:41
From:   joshpaul
Response to: problem fixed

From the release notes:

For Direct To Web projects: When creating a new Direct To Web project, you'll notice that the and source files are not correctly added to the Application Servers target and are in the Bundle Resources build phase and not in the Sources build phase. After creating a new project, open the Application Servers target in the Groups & Files view and drag the and source files from the Bundle Resources build phase to Sources build phase.

Instructions, as explained by Andres Toussaint on the Apple WebObjects list:

'After you create your D2W project in xCode, open the contents of the "Targets" group (a red bullseye).

Double click the "Application Server" target.

Select "Build Phases". In the right hand you will see the build phases, indicated by "Sources", "Bundle resources", etc..

Drag the and from the Bundle Resources to the Sources.

That is all.'


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