Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in RecipeController#show
Date:   2006-12-11 14:38:18
From:   jshphoto
First off, Since MySql Front is no longer available and HeidiSql is only for PC, I have been using a program called YourSql for mac which I'm told is essentially the same. One problem I have encountered is that it does not automatically set the "id" field as the primary key. I'm not sure if this is the reason why when I try to complete the step where we assign a category to each recipe and then try to edit the recipe from the ...recipe/list page I get the following error.

" ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in RecipeController#show"

"Couldn't find Recipe without an ID"
"RAILS_ROOT: /Users/jameshouser/Sites/cookbook3/public/../config/.."

*Keep in mind that I am calling my project cookbook3 and not just cookbook*

All that I can think of is that this is occurring because of the "id" vs. "Id" thing.

Any advice?

Much appreciation.

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